GO! empowers the UK’s
marketing community for
mutual success and unrivalled
customer acquisition.


Established in


Combined years of industry experience


Major intermediary outside London


Founded in Manchester in 2018, GO! was established out of acknowledgement and experience that the marketing landscape was changing. Brand leaders are under more scrutiny and presented with more choices than ever before. Agencies are either being left behind or struggling to be heard.

The GO! model was born as the solution. Driven by two brothers with over 25 years combined experience in the industry, leading an exceptional team across the UK, GO! brings great people together to do great things.

Company Overview


#Everydaycounts has been our philosophy for the business from day one.

Our philosophy is intended to encourage and motivate ourselves, colleagues and clients to live in the present. We adopt a mental attitude whereby we attempt to enjoy and better ourselves each and every day, both in our personal and professional lives.


Our Values

Value Title

We display genuine care & loyalty to those who are part of the entire GO! family and the teams behind the team.

Value Title

We hold a firm belief that any team is only as strong as the individuals. We play for the badge on the front of the shirt not the name on the back.

Value Title

We are authentic & passionate in everything we do whilst holding utmost respect for the opinions of those we trust.

Value Title

We face each and every challenge with a positive attitude and with the ambition of progression. We grow together and reward those that come on the journey with us.

Value Title

We hold ourselves to account to put our words into actions. We will not leave this
stage wondering ‘what if’?

Value Title

We have a genuine and passionate belief we will reach our goals. We will create
and embrace the GO! aura.

Meet the team



Home Town: Wakefield
Likes: Spending time on the British coast, a busy family & social life, obscure facts, all sports.
Dislikes: A lack of manners.
Claim To Fame: When I was 21 I streaked at the WACCA in Perth in front of 30k people (I have grown up since).
Unknown Fact: Once scored 205 at Tenpin bowling and won a lobster dinner.



Home Town: Wakefield
Likes: 90’s indie bands, Mince Pies, United, time with my young family
Dislikes: Ignorance, all iterations of Masterchef, Mouth ulcers
Claim to Fame: I ran a marathon after only 5 training runs!
Unknown Fact: I spent six months working in a prison (not as an inmate!)


Operations Manager

Home Town: Felixstowe
Likes: Family time, Making People Happy & Drinking Cocktails!
Dislikes: Anything with more than 4 legs!
Claim to Fame: I used to be an extra on Hollyoaks
Unknown Fact: I studied Nutrition at University


Digital Marketing Executive

Home Town: Surrey
Likes: Pink (the colour), Netflix and Taylor Swift
Dislikes: Driving
Claim to Fame: I once modelled underneath the Concorde
Unknown Fact: I have three functioning kidneys!


Brand Relationship Manager

Home Town: Chester
Likes: Cooking, playing squash, Utd and travel
Dislikes: Rude people – no need for it!
Claim to Fame: I won the Victor Ludorum (top male athlete) at sports day with a broken arm
Unknown Fact: I achieved the highest ever score for grade 1 Drums in the Guildhall of Music


Brand Relationship Manager

Home Town: Manchester
Likes: Binge-Worthy Dramas on Netflix, Travelling and Homesense (the retailer)
Dislikes: Roundabouts, long queues & pizza
Claim to Fame: I was in the newspaper as a New Years baby and won a years supply of nappies
Unknown Fact: I had a YouTube channel with 10k+ subscribers many moons ago!


Brand Relationship Manager

Home Town: Horwich
Likes: Music, football, golf, family and my Labrador Fred.
Dislikes: Personal facts, lists and irony…
Claim to Fame: Got extremely drunk with some old bloke in a bar in Auckland,
turns out it was Deep Purple.
Unknown Fact: Got down to the last 5 for a Chicago Town Pizza advert, when I was 15.


Brand Relationship Manager

Home Town: Bolton
Likes: Percy Pigs & Zara
Dislikes: Bacon & the smell of bacon
Claim to Fame: I was a bridesmaid model
Unknown Fact: I have freckles on the palms of hands

Craig Jackson

Brand Relationship Manager

Home Town: Scarborough
Likes: All things food & drink, American sports, MMA and kittens
Dislikes: Overcooked steak, biscuits going soft, untidiness, polystyrene and glitter
Claim to Fame: Class of 2005’s ‘Funniest Person’ at the Scarborough Sixth Form College Awards
Unknown Fact: I have done three ski seasons working in Austria and France


Agency Partnerships Manager

Home Town: Southport
Likes: Cooking, Eating Out, French Food, Martin Scorsese, Man Utd, Racing
Dislikes: Public Transport, Long Walks
Claim to Fame: Appeared in 2 episodes of Hollyoaks as an extra.
Unknown Fact: Studied Criminology & Sociology at University


Client Services Manager

Home town: Fareham
Likes: Chocolate, G&T’s, all types of music apart from metal
Dislikes: Spiders & heights
Claim to fame: I won a karaoke competition on holiday when 14 years old
Unknown fact: I was in an indie band at college called Neon


Client Services Manager

Home Town: Chester
Likes: Music, beer, travelling and my family
Dislikes: Hangovers….and selfishness
Claim to Fame: I have danced at the Hong Kong Sevens, Wembley and for Phil “The Power” Taylor
Unknown Fact: I used to be a professional dancer


Client Services Manager

Home Town: Milton Keynes
Likes: Cats, Pizza, and White Wine
Dislikes: Pigeons and rain (Thanks Manchester )
Claim to Fame: I was part of a Spice Girls performance in Year 3 – I played Scary Spice and we did a routine to ‘Stop’. Show-stopper of course.
Unknown Fact: For one of my more random jobs, I once carried a ladder around and climbed in people’s lofts selling insulation (for 3 months)!

Careers at Go!

Head of Business Unit

The Head of Business Unit is a leadership role within the business and will be tasked with owning and delivering the revenue and profitability targets of Expertise, through a best-in-class service and operating model.

The Head of  Business Unit would be described as a full ‘360°’ role, in that it will lead the engagement and integration of the third-party consultants (‘Experts’) alongside uncovering and delivering against the need from the end client (Brands & Agencies).


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GO! - Communcations & Insights Executives

In line with the core function of The GO! Network team, the Communications & Insights Exec role has responsibilities and deliverables which support across all teams in the business each with a set of clearly defined objectives.

These are split across external client management and internal operational support across the Agency, Brand and Marketing teams.

As such an integral part of the growing GO! team, the varied role offers progression into multiple areas of the business. The right candidate will have a desire and ambition to learn and will be rewarded with opportunity and a clear development plan.

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