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Agencies that work with GO!

The GO! Network represents leading UK agencies across the whole spectrum of specialisms, transforming the business development pipeline and bringing great people together to do great things.

We connect incredible agencies to briefs in their areas of expertise and provide business development support to drive your agency’s growth.

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WHY agencIES join the GO! network

Mutual success

GO! has the ambition to be the No 1 aggregator for marketing spend in the UK.

This will only be achieved by matching your agency with the brands who face the challenges you are best placed to solve.

Our commercial model and the nature of our business means that when you grow, we grow, meaning we are always incentivised to bring great brands and great agencies together to do great things.

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Access to expertise

Each GO! Partnerships Manager is a highly experienced and trained industry expert, with a proven track record in business development in the creative and marketing industries.

Our reputation and position in the market attracts and retains best in class professionals that become an extension of your agency’s team.

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Competitive advantage

The trust and engagement that brands have with GO! enables our Network of agencies to be comprehensively briefed, fully prepared for pitches and agnostically endorsed, therefore dramatically increasing the likelihood of conversion.

By the nature of being referred by the team at GO! you can feel confident you are there because there is a genuine need, that you deserve to be, and that your offering is a great fit for the challenge faced by each brand you meet.

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Extension of your team

For some agencies GO! cuts down on the cost, time and risk of hiring new business development talent.

For others, GO! represents an additional lead funnel as an extension of your direct new business efforts.

Both carry the same guarantee of dedicated Partnership Management and transparent reporting of activity.

GO! acts as a plug-in extension of your business motivated by new business performance, brief delivery and client wins.

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We get briefs from some of the UK's most progressive brands

HOW agencIES join the GO! network

Annual Membership

GO! Network Membership offers agencies a significant competitive advantage in the challenge for new business.

Investing in Annual Membership sees the GO! team work alongside the leaders of your agency as an extension of the internal team, providing access to pre-qualified briefs from brands.

GO! Partnerships Managers are specialists acting as ambassadors of your agency across the UK, motivated by mutual success.

All GO! Network Agencies are on a 12 Month Membership which includes:

Membership Benefits

  • An onboarding workshop which arms us with the knowledge of your agency and target clients
  • The introduction of qualified new business opportunities that fit the specific capabilities and delivery model of your agency
  • A dedicated Client Services Manager
  • A monthly report of all the GO! Network activity relevant to your agency and the services you offer
  • Detailed pre-qualification, brief handover and brand presentation prior to introduction
  • Collaborative outreach campaigns and amplification of success

Become a member today

Leading agencies across the UK are benefiting from the opportunities the GO! model is creating. Reach out to see if your agency might be suitable for the types of briefs we handle.

When Agencies engage GO!

You are looking to broaden your client roster.

With one of the most comprehensive networks of Brand and Marketing decision makers in the UK, GO! Membership offers agencies a reach and audience across the UK. The value we add to brands ensures we have an unparalleled opportunity to endorse our members services.

You have an ambition to expand your offering.

You a proven success model but the competition has strengthened their offering, squeezing existing market opportunities and margin within your core market. There is a need to evaluate new potential clients and markets without diluting your core principles and service that have been the foundation of your success to date.

You are aiming to maximise your reputation.

You have grown to your current level through excellence in offering and delivery but new clients have predominantly been through referral, inbound enquiry or the network of the Senior Team. The time is now to kick on and maximise the reputation built so far.

You are looking for support to complement internal efforts.

Our comprehensive onboarding process ensures GO! truly understand your key selling points, target brands and internal processes. GO! prides itself as being an asset to direct new business activity working alongside internal business development efforts to expand the reach and awareness of your agency.

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