After emerging from the world of sponsorship at Manchester United where I was privileged enough to work with some exceptional Global agencies on some of the most groundbreaking campaigns in the industry, it did give me time to reflect on the experience and the world ahead.

Sponsorship is getting tougher and tougher as a landscape to navigate. The pressure that marketing leads are under now to justify pretty hefty sponsorship fees is increasing, meaning that there is huge pressure on ROI and ROO.

This means that it is increasingly important that brands have the right agency and partner networks that can help deliver and prove success.

One thing that I found in my experience, is that sponsors often brought above-the-line agencies with them as the lead agency into that landscape, which wasn’t beneficial for effectiveness or results. This is loaded with reasons why:

•  They didn’t understand the balance of partnership marketing
•  They didn’t understand sponsorship rights and how to use them in conjunction with each other effectively
•  They didn’t know how to work with athletic talent
•  They didn’t appreciate the rules around IP
•  They didn’t understand fans and the difference to consumer marketing
•  They didn’t know what success looked like in this landscape

With all or one of these factors in your agency network, there is a margin to not maximise the opportunity and money that is invested in this, both in sponsorship and agency fees.

Are you maximising your agency network to drive the best results in this landscape? #TimeForGO