Love at first sight

Finding the best agency for a brand is like finding a needle in a haystack. But when you know, you know. The search for the perfect agency is a lot like the search for a perfect partner… long, heart-breaking and exhausting. Many people believe that fate will lend a hand however, is this always the best decision? It’s a lot of guess work and who’s going to make the first move.

As dating apps take over, we can avoid those awkward moments and unsure introductions and read from the same page. Simple, easy and no embarrassing rejection necessary. So… Why can’t brands have it this easy? Well, they do. The single girl’s Tinder profile is the equivalent to a brand’s intermediary! Well, not quite, let me elaborate.


Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Imagine. You’re single. Your brother’s wedding is in a month and you have no date. You know your Mum’s going to lecture you on settling down and will take pleasure in reminding you of all those crazy exes and bad decisions. The exact same kind of dread that comes with trying to find an amazing agency that will suit your brand’s brief on a deadline I bet!

You just wish there was a faster way of finding “the one” than going out on a Saturday night and getting chatted up left, right and centre. What intermediaries do is listen to all the attributes you want in an agency and analyse this against the brand’s image, reputation and personality to thoughtfully pick three agencies through their secret algorithm (years of professional knowledge, experience and extremely detailed information of UK agencies).

No! They do not wave a magic wand or pick favourites but partake in an extremely detailed and completely agnostic process. Don’t worry! Not the brand! Relax. The intermediary is there to do it all for you, just call us Cupid!


Don’t run from commitment

Right, you have three choices, but who do you want to commit to? The nice one who you know wouldn’t embarrass you in front of the family, but they are well and truly friend zoned. The good-looking one who would make your ex jealous but has nothing going on between the ears. Or, the one, they understand what you want in a person and have the same views as you about the future. Eureka! Swipe right.

Intermediaries pick three agencies they think would work best with the brand but at the end of the process the brand will always get the final say on who they commit to. Each agency will pitch to the brand, to convince them they are the right fit for the brief. Kind of like The Bachelor, you just give the one you think would create the best partnership a rose. No, you don’t have to literally give them a rose. Just pick one.

This can be a difficult decision, sticking to just one can be a bit tricky for some people. I get it! But intermediaries don’t put you on the spot there and then, unlike The Bachelor. They understand that you must think about it, mull it over and get back to them. You don’t have to rush into things, intermediaries respect sometimes you need space to find yourself. Good things come to those who wait.


I’m glad I crashed the Wedding

This wedding could rival Meghan and Harry’s. The love birds are wed, the champagne is popping, and you have someone on your arm you don’t mind showing off to the clan. Thank God for that intermediary.

Oh, crap this isn’t an open bar? How am I going to afford to celebrate my victory and repay my great matchmakers? It’s on us. Our intermediary is completely free to brands. We will take your eternal happiness as payment and give best wishes to the brand and agency!

You could say intermediaries are like Fairy Godmother’s but in fact we just offer a service and are happy to help make life a little easier. GO! is transforming the way brands and agencies view and use intermediaries. To learn more join us in our new office at the Origin Building Manchester, our sofa is calling your name!