eBay, Tesco, Cardinal Health, Amazon Essentials, Car dealerships, Facebook, Google, Kylie Jenner, Omnicom, Word Press and Mino Riola. All intermediaries. All different models that do not fit all businesses.

The ‘intermediaries’ named above all help Brands reach their customers through a variety of different channels. The value they add is vital to the Brands success as the challenges faced would not be able to be delivered on were it not for their partnership.

The decision-making process for which is best for each business can be outlined simply; does this intermediary allow me to sell my service or product to a client I wouldn’t have had the chance to OR are they increasing their share of wealth without increasing value to me?

“Intermediaries that sit within a holistic new business function are the most valuable.”

As with Brands, independent marketing agencies reliant on one avenue for growth are in a weak strategic position. To rely on the referral, your personal network because you have ‘good relationships’ is naïve. Your new sales leader can take her contacts tomorrow. Being reliant on one avenue is dangerous for business, relationships and health.
I have used intermediaries before to varying degrees of success, to the point that when I met GO! I had a slightly negative connotation. I asked myself why? – I had let the intermediaries I had used previously affect my communications.

“If the intermediary is used in a way where you have direct to client communication from the start, is the fear gone?”

Intermediaries mission is to help their partners generate more business. The due diligence is on behalf of the agency to identify which intermediary is right for them. As a retailer is with customers, a good intermediary is at the coal face of marketing strategy within brands and will be a silent extension of the agency team identifying opportunities on behalf of its many partners, just getting the job done.

Well done to the new wave who are challenging previous assumed methods of working, well done the Dollar Shave Club.

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