Rebecca Jones, Client Services Manager, GO!


By now I’m sure you’ve all have read plenty of ‘Top Tips’ for working from home, so rather than churning out another list, I thought I’d talk about why working from home has proved to be an unexpected positive for me.

My first few weeks working at GO! were a rollercoaster. I started on 2nd March, had a week of induction in the office, then was out at client meetings the following week. At the end of my second week I started working from home and self-isolating, and from then we went into national lockdown. Quite the start! At first, I was a bit unsure – the world seemed to be going completely topsy-turvy and I questioned my ability to “crack-on” at home with a role I had only just started in. Thankfully with the support of my lovely team, I built up my confidence, got myself in to a good routine, and started to build strong relationships with my portfolio of clients.

The last time I worked from home was probably during my uni days, where I was fuelled by sugary snacks and treated myself to (extremely) regular Netflix breaks. These days instead of working from a dorm room, I am thankfully working from my spare room/office instead. I realise I’m lucky to be in the position where I have a proper work space set up, I don’t have any kids running around, and I’m not living in a small studio flat where it might be harder to separate work and home.

So why do I like working from home? I’ll start with the obvious – lack of commute time. The fact that I don’t have to travel to and from work during rush hour means that I don’t have to arrive to work stressed because I’ve been stuck in traffic, can have my dinner as soon as I finish up, and can tackle each day with a fresh set of eyes. Saving pennies on petrol and parking is another nice bonus*. I’ve also been using the time in the evenings when I would normally be travelling to focus on my own professional development and have now started my CIPD Intermediate Diploma in HR.

Traditionally client reviews may not have been done over video calls, but since lockdown I get to see so many of my clients faces (and children and pets!) and I really enjoy seeing their expressions as we catch up and discuss new brand opportunities. Calls can be the highlight of my day, whether internal or external, and it’s nice that we can all get to know each other on a more personal level, as we all learn to navigate these strange times together. It’s always good to hear a friendly voice.

Whilst I do love the atmosphere in a busy office, it’s also nice to be able to really get your head down at home and concentrate when you’ve got lots to get through. I know I’m not going to get distracted chatting about what someone watched on telly last night when I’m on a deadline. I love a good (herbal) cuppa too, so not having to worry about brew rounds is also a plus for me. I try and keep myself working from the spare room until at least mid-afternoon, after which time I might increase proximity to the kettle! I must admit I’m not working completely on my own at home though – my two tuxedo cats Tash & Albert help keep me entertained and provide their own unique blend of fluffy support.

While the world seems to be full of increasingly dreary and negative news, let’s try and focus on gratitude for the unexpected positives that come from home-working- like days of wearing fluffy slippers to meetings and never missing a parcel.

*Let’s try not to think about our utilities and energy bills during Autumn/Winter…