Daniel Dunn, Agency Partnership Manager, GO!


Starting any new role brings about a mixture of feelings for us all, from joy and excitement, to nerves and anxiety, or anything in between. For me, it was the former as I started my next challenge in the Agency Partnerships team here at GO! last week.

I feel incredibly fortunate that in the current climate, not only am I fit and healthy, but I have come across a role and a business that has just felt ‘right’ since the moment we first spoke back in February. As if that wasn’t enough, I also get the privilege of being based in the best city in the world (might be biased), Manchester.

I join GO! from an agency background, having worked in and managed a business development department for a large integrated marketing and communications agency for the last four years. In that sense, I suppose this move could be viewed as a slight career pivot (which to some extent it is), but to me it offered a quite unique chance to influence brand and agency new business relationships on a broader scale. Armed with plenty of first-hand experience of the various challenges brands face in finding the right agency partner(s), and that agencies face in terms of cultivating new successful commercial relationships, my background dovetails nicely with the GO! model.

I also join with experience of working with a number of our ‘competitors’ in the past, so I don’t mind sharing that when GO! and I first spoke about this role I was as keen as some of our new partners are to understand how GO! are different. It became instantly clear. New business is tough, never more so than now, but our service is one that I feel brands and agencies have been crying out for to be honest. The success of the business so far would dictate that I am only the latest in a long growing line of people to feel that. There is no question in my mind that were I still agency side, I’d have been a client, but what bigger show of advocacy can I offer than the model being so good I had to be part of the journey?!

I appreciate you might still be sceptical, after all I think it’s safe to say I’ll never become an award winning blogger, and you’d be forgiven for thinking this could easily just be a fluff piece by a new starter looking to blow a bit of smoke and gain favour. Or, it is exactly what you will find too. Surely, when it comes to growing your business, it’s worth a chat to find out?