Everyone has that friend that is outside of their immediate network that they lean on for advice, where everything becomes more dramatic, because you give it the green light to.

The rocky sea with no horizon.

OK I’m being dramatic…..bear with me….

Everyone loves that friend, however. They say “It will be fine…..more than fine”. And because you trust their perspective, you calm yourself down.

With no immediate knowledge, but reassurance from a good place.

Let’s translate that into business…

We all lean on our network and our place of comfort for reassurance. “We’re in this together, right?”

Thomas Cook had the best partners, the go to. “You don’t need to change, it’s them……they will change”.

That bubble of assurance is a natural one. Protective.

But without seeing the horizon as a new dawn. You sleep. You rest.

What if you sleep so much that you miss the horizon? The most beautiful you could have seen, but you had no window, and no one telling you to try to look.

That day on that journey at sea was a new day. It’s one you’ve never seen before….

Wouldn’t it be gracious to lift your head up and lean on someone you’ve just met, and who could see things with clarity, to refresh your thinking?

Think Titanic (the movie, not the tragedy…. although some might argue it’s both!).

The air from the sea on your face.

And breathe. Today is a new day to look at things afresh.

An intermediary is what free-thinking should feel like.

It should be what FinTech is to the high street.

It’s what every qualified and fair agent should be to football, to the brand, and to the player.

It’s what every new plastic-free consumer goods company should be to the supermarket.

It’s what every balanced friend should be to your life.

Trusted. On your level. New but exciting. Challenging.

That’s what everyone wants, right?


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