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Brand Guest Blog: By Megan Harrison, Marketing Director, Roberts Bakery

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I am sure that industry experts in the field of online dating can argue the case that meeting the perfect partner is not only easier than ever before but also delivers better results!

I don’t know about the evidence for that specifically, but the same model and philosophy could be applied when approaching the task of finding the perfect agency match for your business challenges. Surely finding the right agency partner is all about matching your business needs to the perfect agency with exactly the right set of skills?

I was therefore intrigued when GO! approached me with their ‘agency match’ model. They were in the early stages of their own business development and I was admittedly a little nervous about putting such an important search in their hands.

“I hadn’t used an intermediary before, not really having been aware of such a service previously, but also because my instinct has always been to lead and manage agency selection myself.”

Working now in a challenger brand business, fourth in a category with a mission to shake things up, stand out via ballsy communications and innovation to both customers and consumers alike is an absolute necessity. Appointing an agency with the perfect credentials, challenger attitudes and personality mix was critical, but no easy task and clearly a very time consuming one had I decided to tackle it alone.

The opportunity to cut out the admin of approaching and assessing each potential agency alongside the confidence the team at GO! had given me with their knowledge of the agency market, the way they would approach the search and how well they had qualified my brief gave me the confidence to give it a GO! and find out if using a ‘match-making intermediary’ would work for my business needs.

I was not left disappointed. GO! gave me a much-needed leg up. Not only did it remove the laborious ‘trawl’ from my teams’ workload, but it also unearthed several agencies I wasn’t already aware of, as well as a few I was aware of, that had the right skill set that perhaps I had overlooked.

The result? I appointed one of the five agencies shortlisted by GO! proposed but have also worked with some of the other four on projects as well, not only widening my network but allowing me to reach out to a broader base of agencies for specific tasks too.

And even better, it didn’t cost me a penny!

Could this be the future of brand-agency ‘matchmaking’? Well only time will tell, but for now, I can’t think of a good reason not to give it a ‘GO’!

If you’re in need of some fresh thinking and challenge to think differently, whilst reducing your workload, why not give GO! a try?

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