Each month as part of our GO! Figure series we aim to get the opinions of our audience on a different topic directly affecting our industry:



“Simply having the time to dedicate to producing a good brief.”


“Remaining focused on the relevant information rather than oversharing.”


“Loading a brief with far too much information that only makes it harder (not easier) for the agency to determine what it is you want.”


“Briefing writing is a skill and requires discipline to remain focused on the task in hand.”


“Knowing whether to share the budget or do I see what the agency feels it requires.”


“Should I share the other agencies we are working with or does that just cloud the mind.”


“I often find myself writing what I don’t want to see rather than what I do want.”


“When writing a creative brief I always worry I give too much guidance in the direction of the ideas we have internally.”


“I feel like I am setting a test when often we don’t have the answers.”


“It’s the balance of giving enough information but encouraging agencies to do some research of their own.”


“When I read them back the briefs I write I think they sound arrogant or patronising”


“I try and think of the audience who will be reading it. I want agencies to give me a sense of their personality.”

And our favourite…

“I’m fine writing the brief but I rarely know who the best agencies are to send it to!”