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saves you time and money with an unbiased approach to sourcing the best agency for your brief.

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Saving you money

We show love for brands with free access to our services and the GO! Network.

GO! exists to provide guidance on projected agency spend and budgets and act as a knowledge point
to make sure that spend is maximised through fantastic partnerships.

The GO! model ensures that budgets for marketing execution remain uncompromised and efficient and are in the best possible hands.

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Saving you time

Marketing Services is a crowded and competitive industry. We understand it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between agencies that proclaim to be the perfect fit for your brand and those that actually are.

Working with GO! helps to cut through this white noise of agency sales meaning you only meet with the agencies that are the the perfect fit for your challenges.

Building relationships takes time. Engaging GO! reduces hours spent on admin, process and engagement to build better relationships more effectively and efficiently.

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Agnostic approach

GO! operates a totally unbiased model.

All agencies in The GO! Network are on exactly the same commercial terms and SLA; something we will never deviate from.

In-house teams have 100% confidence that GO! will only ever endorse potential agencies based on their suitability to the brief not on the scale of the commercial incentive to our business.

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All brand discussions and briefings are always done under mutual NDA.

Our reputation dictates that brand leaders are assured of 100% confidentiality on all matters regarding ambitions, challenges, budgets, channels and existing relationships until we are authorised to start the search and endorsement process relevant to each brief.

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can help you

Our testimonials should give confidence on the value we can bring and the results we can achieve together.

To see how we might be able to help with your short or longer term challenges – get in touch.

How Brands use the GO! Network

The typical process GO! work to with brands is aimed at minimising the time, administration and sensitivity that is so often the blocker to exploring the landscape for potential agency partnerships.

Step 1

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Meet with GO!

Initial consultation to truly understand the landscape, channels, pain points, challenges, budgets and priorities. Confidentiality is ensured through mutual NDA.

Step 2

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Brief GO!

If the outcome of Step 1 is a live requirement, we work in partnership to put together and understand the key expectations and deliverables and the selection process that is suitable.

Step 3

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Qualification & Selection

Our role is to find, engage and pre-qualify the potential agency partner(s) that precisely match your brand challenges, culture and brief.

We then run the bespoke selection process reflective of your requirements and timescales
to provide introductions that are robust and fit for purpose.

Step 4

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Using GO! ensures all the key foundations are in place for your team to select and appoint the right partner for the brief.

Our role is not to play a part in the final decision but to take the strain out of the process and to make that selection as easy as possible.

When Brands engage GO!

You have questions over existing agency performance.

Marketing budgets and the individuals that spend them are under more scrutiny than ever before. GO! empowers those who control marketing spend with free consultancy around the agency landscape & how leading agencies are demonstrating ROI to their clients.

You have a desire to do things differently.

With the ever-changing challenges that brands face, your existing agency partners are not always fit for purpose for the challenges and route ahead. New product launches, new channel exposure and new customer audiences will benefit from fresh eyes and new complementary partnerships.

You are embracing new channels and technologies.

GO! is totally immersed in the UK marketing landscape and as such are in the best position to provide evidence, advice & endorsement on how you can successfully adopt the advances in ad-tech and start at the forefront of marketing innovation.

You are experiencing a change of marketing leadership.

We understand that a key priority for marketing leaders new into role is to assess and scrutinise what has gone before them. Leading marketers are using GO! as their eyes and ears in the market before they look to make recommendation, effect change and crucial make the right appointment.

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