Intermediary / noun [ C ]
A person or organisation that makes business or financial arrangements between companies or organisations.

One of the many challenges in launching a new business is the ability to clearly articulate what you do and the value in your product or service. This is particularly key when your model is either brand new to the audience or has the potential to be misinterpreted.

This has undoubtedly been one of the biggest positive challenges since GO! was born in April 2018. We took huge confidence that our model was a positive evolution for our target clients compared to the services offered by similar businesses in our field (most of whom are almost exclusively focused on London/SE).

However, looking back, we potentially overlooked the fact that, for many of the brands and agencies we would be so keen to work with, our model would be their first introduction to a service of our kind. The challenge, therefore, would be less comparison against perceived competitors but more the overarching explanation of how, when and why our model comes into play.

GO! was founded by myself & Russ on the back of a significant period of research and due diligence on a fundamental breakdown in the market we had both serviced and worked in for the majority of our careers. Every service business needs to solve a clearly defined issue and the GO! model was formed out of the evidence that there was a need for a service like ours from both sides of the fence;

Brand – In house teams and leaders across Marketing, Digital and Technology are under more scrutiny then they have ever been before. Budgets are getting tighter, recruiting talent is harder and the working day is getting longer. A service that could save time & money in choosing 3rd party suppliers could (and should) empower confidence and make everyone involved more successful.

Agency – The landscape is more competitive than ever. A service that could uncover previously unknown needs for the agencies services and be an educated ambassador for the agency, would clearly be a competitive advantage and play a part in realising the growth ambitions of the founders.

As in all service businesses, relationships are key. It was imperative that our model was not seen to be trying to fix a problem that didn’t exist. There are hundreds of thousands of critical and efficient working relationships between brands and agencies.

Our role was not identified to fix something that wasn’t broken. Our role had to be to add knowledge, expertise, reach and value that hadn’t previously existed, to ensure that positive and efficient relationships were repeated time and time again.

Our core ethos was formed of this – We bring great businesses and people together to do great things.

As a business that is still only 20 months old, we are of course evolving the model as we GO! (pardon the pun). One thing that has been validated in that time, is that the problem we recognised is undoubtedly real. The ‘pain’ exists from both sides of our audience and the commercial solution we have created fits the need of that problem to create a valued solution.

So when is the right time to reach out to engage with us?

For brands, the answer is quite simple. Whenever there is a need to review or engage with agency expertise outside of what you want to or can service in-house.

Recent briefs we have worked have stretched from significant web platforming projects through to explainer videos. Large scale internal conferences through to B2B influencer marketing. Any project or longer-term assignment which could and should benefit from best in class delivery support.

For Agencies, it’s when you are looking for a competitive advantage. The GO! Network is a collection of best in class agencies that have the ambition, skills and points of difference to maximise the opportunities presented by the brands we work with.

I am a big believer that a business such as ours, particularly in our infancy, is truly validated by the testimonials it receives and the appreciation of the service from its audience. Our homepage has a carousel of these which are added to monthly – here.

These bring to life the how, when and ultimately why GO! exists. Myself and the team would love to explore a conversation with you to see if the above resonates and you’d like to explore our solutions.

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