Cold calling. Blanket email campaigns. Breakfast meetings. Dinner meetings. Shouting louder than the competition. I’ve tried it all.

Having worked with independent marketing businesses – as a partner and BDD – for the past 4 years, I was employed to be the point of difference, to cut through the noise and allow the businesses I was working for to get in front of brands.

What I now realise is that most of my time was wasted. I spent hours and hours, days and days, writing, calling and networking to get in front of Brands, little did I know the many variables that were in my way.

Maybe they wanted to meet a partner based in their local town. Or they were adamant they didn’t want a large agency and it must have less than 20 people.  How could I possibly know these details without spending time finding out?

Some of the brands we’ve spoken to in the past few months can receive as many as 60 cold emails per week from agencies across the country, explaining how they’re the best fit for their business, how they won this award, or have this case study.

The truth is, although often they admit that there will be a right fit amongst the clutter, these businesses just don’t have the time to read those messages – they have a lean team.

It is impossible to hear this from brand leaders and NOT think that the agency sales model is broken. We all keep knocking on the same doors, but people have stopped answering.