Having shared an insightful webinar with the founders of lifestyle brand Hush, Mandy Watkins & Rupert Youngman GO! would like to share our top ten takeaways:


Understand why you are doing what you do. What does your brand represent? What makes it different, believe in your brand and love it.


Speak to your customers more. The current climate has shown us how important it is to understand how to speak to your customers. Return to the start-up mentality and utilise all the tools you have such as social media, internal newsletters, and email campaigns to share experiences with your customer. Share recipes and recommendations and understand their lifestyles.


Find ways to “surprise and delight” your customer. This can be an additional gift or even a very personal recommendation based on their previous purchases.


The weather! In the past consumers could have been buying for a future holiday or pre-planned events, now more that ever sales will be reactive to the weather and what is happening here and now in Blighty.


Anecdotally couriers are busier now than at Christmas. It is important to have a degree of flexibility and compassion with all suppliers to ensure positive relationships. Have a human approach and an honest dialogue with suppliers that will translate into a customer’s expectations being managed.


In the near future it is very possible that shopping in stores will be functional rather than recreational. Ensure that your brand prepared to manage click and collect orders or a hybrid of shopping habits whilst still maintaining high customer service standards.


Whilst no small feat there is a step change towards value over discounts. Arguably ‘bargain hunting’ is engrained in the human psyche but brands that demonstrate honest pricing rather than heavy discounts retain their value and their customers in the long term.


Autumn Winter 2020 is going to be tricky! Ensure that your buying and marketing plan is as flexible as possible to balance supply and demand.


Sustainability has never been more important. Does your brand have an end of life take back scheme? Are the garments designed with sustainability in mind with regards zips, buttons and dissolvable threads? Can you improve packaging? Or utilise marketing to demonstrate your sustainability?


Review your agency roster. It is important to have the right agencies working for your brand.