Each month as part of our GO! Figure series we aim to get the opinions of our audience on a different topic directly affecting our industry:




“Simple. Budget. If we don’t know what you have to spend, how can we give you a realistic response”

“The commercial objective as opposed to their marketing objective”

“A clear and measurable business objective, almost always!”

“Very few clearly state what they tangibly need to achieve. This would then allow us to come back with creative solutions to achieve their specific goals.” 

“A budget. Or at least a range! A brand can give all the detail it wants about the needs of a campaign or project, but the agency can’t begin to understand the true scope of what’s possible without an indication of the available budget.”

“Many companies fail to start where it matters most – inside the business – with employee brand perceptions, opinions and emotive feedback which are often brought into play much later down the line.”

“Brands often fail to demonstrate a true understanding of who their customers are. Consumer profiles within briefs are often extremely vanilla, and feel off-the-shelf, and ‘of the moment.”

“…..’ Budget TBC ….. or “We don’t want to constrain your thinking by providing a budget at this stage”… We both know you know what your budget is. Don’t waste weeks of agency time by letting us produce a raft of ‘unconstrained’ ideas only for you to tell us that you can’t afford to do them, and make us start again.”

The answer seems pretty conclusive!