We’re in a unique position at the GO! Network to watch trends come and go on both the brand and agency side of the marketing world. We’ve been tracking behaviours on both sides throughout the course of the last 12 months, and whilst spending is starting to increase again, it looks like priorities have changed entirely. 

To better understand this, this year we’re running a new survey to take a deep dive in to how brand-agency relationships were handled during this time. As well as how resource and relationships have been impacted, we’ll also explore how marketers are currently managing a new landscape where self-preservation is no longer the only consideration. 

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With input from marketers across the board, we’ll be finding out the why to statistics such as: ‘One third of brands are considering switching agencies in the next 6 months’, as well as validating the key trends coming out of the last year, from investment to challenge. 

The results will be based off two separate sets of questions, brand specific and agency specific. Making sure that agency specialisms, in-house marketing team size and brand sectors and more are all considered with detailed analysis.  

The data collected will be used to create an exceptionally important report that will shed some light on the problems faced from the last year as well as ongoing issues between clients and their agency partners.  

If you’re up for participating, all contributors will receive an early access version of the report, including invaluable raw data. 

It takes 5 minutes to complete, and get your experience heard – please contribute here. 


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