Consumers’ daily routines in the UK have drastically changed, with only 4% continuing on as normal, while 48% are self-isolating and 48% are practising social distancing. As a result, their views on how brands should advertise to them have also changed.

An Unruly survey revealed that 23% of UK consumers want ads to provide a sense of continuity and normalcy, while another 13% want ads to be funny/positive in an effort to distract from what’s going on. A further 35% would prefer advertising to make them feel more warm and happy.

With this in mind it has never been more important to review your content strategy, to ensure that the right content is being utilised on the right platforms and is delivering for your brand with a clear ROI attributed to every piece of content that you’re putting out there.

Sponsorship has had to move totally to content as live activation opportunities are non-existent. Eelco van der Noll, Head of Global Partnerships from AB InBev said recently in a sports forum that we were part of, that this was the perfect time to think about what content means to his audience and what value this is now adding to day-to-day life, not just for the here and now, but as a long-term shift as brands need to consider a digital first content strategy.

We can all agree that the immediate response to utilise mobile phone capabilities to deliver advertising content has been impressive, but there is a danger that this visual treatment will be too commonplace and lack cut through. There is still a need for high quality content production values to match the brand experience, albeit trickier to create in the current climate.

Branded content has always had to come from a place of brand truth, so now is the time to think holistically about what that truth is for your audience apart from the current challenges that people are facing. This will add a new level of understanding over where CSR content vs branded content fits within the overall strategy of your brand. CSR will be here to stay, but the sense of brand also must be retained to keep positioning ahead of the parapet.

Our content agencies have showed great adaptability by creating remote content creation opportunities that still retain brand standards at the heart. This is the time to audit your position and ensure that this is measurable and able to move forwards as a core driver of consumer engagement.

GO! are here to help this process, so take this time to reflect and reach out.