June 17 2020 doesn’t only mark the (lost count) day of lockdown – it’s also Plastic Free Beauty Day.

This initiative was started last year as an effort to spread awareness of the amount of plastic used and sent to landfills within the beauty industry and to champion beauty brands who are making strides to reduce theirs.

The global beauty industry produces shocking 142 billion units of packaging every year.

There is no good plastic, every piece of plastic that has been made STILL exists. This plastic then ends up in landfill or the sea. Every piece made STILL EXISTS.

The UN has predicted that if the rate of waste production continues, by 2050 our oceans will carry more plastic than fish and an estimated 99 per cent of seabirds will have ingested plastic. The UN also declared our current situation a “planetary crisis”.

Plastic Free Beauty Day is the creation of hair-care brand We Are Paradoxx and encourages consumers and companies to reconsider how much plastic they use in all aspects of manufacturing, shipping, packaging and purchasing.

The initiative isn’t asking for everyone to be perfect, but to play their part and make considered and conscious choices. A little bit like the challenge of ‘Veganuary’, the idea is alongside ‘Plastic Free July’ a global movement that calls for everyone to refuse single use plastic.

We Are Paradoxx has teamed up with Kankan, Circla and Vanderohe, to support Plastic Oceans UK and are giving all profits from their sales on Plastic Free Beauty Day to the charity.

Other beauty brands supporting this movement include: Guerlain who have produced their legendary XXL bronzer in a re-usable tin, Upcycle body scrub which is made from repurposed coffee grounds from London cafes and the packaging is 99 per cent plastic-free, with the tube created from aluminium with no plastic lining and sealed with a fold rather than glue. Finally long time favourite Summer Friday products that are in a plastic free (metal) tube.

The Beauty industry and its contribution to this MUST make a change. With beauty you can buy cruelty-free, sulphate-free, paraben-free; why not plastic-free?